Our Supporters

Kiwi Connect is proud to work alongside New Zealand-centric companies and organisations to support expat Kiwis and promote New Zealand business and people.

We thank the following sponsors and supporters and look forward to adding more great Kiwi companies to our Wall of Fame.


Pinnacle&Co., your full service advertising agency is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are super proud Kiwis and have passion for businesses looking AWESOME! If you are a company wanting to put your best jandal forward, then we make it easy for you! Whether you need online solutions, buzzy bees, fish and chips, printing or signage, then let Pinnacle&Co. help your company stand out in the crowd! The “Happy” Pinnacle&Co. team will take you to the next level. Thanks Kiwi Connect for choosing Pinnacle&Co. to be your branding partner. We love doing all your branding!